Important Update For All #Cube and Instacube Customers:

Instagram recently changed its policy for what third-party software applications can do with photos from their service.  Unfortunately, that means that our software can no longer stream and display any photos or videos that you did not upload from your Instagram account.  You can only view and display your own photos and videos and not anyone else's content.  The following are the key changes:

  • My Feed only displays your own photos and videos.  Even if you follow other people, you will not be able to display their photos and videos on #Cube.

  • Popular, Hashtag, and User feeds have been disabled and are not supported by Instagram

  • "Like" a photo has been disabled

  • "Follow" a user has been disabled

  • Pressing the heart button on top of the unit now saves your photo to a "Saved Photos" library

We're disappointed by these these changes from Instagram, but they are beyond our control.  We'll be evaluating other ways to enable you to share and display content to #Cube in future software releases.

If your #Cube or Instagram stopped working recently, then please update your software immediately.  You can access the Settings menu by touching the gear icon or by pressing and holding down the square button on top of the unit for 3 seconds, then selecting Update from the menu.



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