Factory Reset

  1. Power on your #Cube by pressing and holding down the circle button on top of the device for 3 seconds. The device will boot up and display a WiFi connection screen. 
  2. Press and hold down the Circle and Grid buttons on top of the device simultaneously for several (6-10) seconds. 
  3. Next you’ll see a system screen. Single-tap the numeric key in the lower left of the keyboard. 
  4. Type “8282” and single-tap next button. 
  5. The #Cube will exit into Android mode and the Android desktop will be shown. 
  6. At the bottom of the screen, single-tap the Settings icon. 
  7. A settings screen will be shown, but the left side of the screen may be partially covered. This is normal. Swipe upwards to scroll to the bottom. 
  8. Select the Backup & Reset menu item 
  9. Select Factory Data Reset 
  10. Select Erase SD Card and hit Erase Tablet at the bottom of the screen 
  11. Select Erase Everything