"In 3 months Rahul has worn the studs off his cleats while training at our local grounds - I’ve never seen that happen to a pair of cleats before!" - Jess, Team PR Manager 

India's U23 National Frisbee Team



Earlier this year, India’s first National Ultimate team with no bias towards caste, wealth, background, religion, gender or language was formed. Selectors chose a team based on spirit and skill alone. As a result, the team speaks three different languages and comes from many different sets of circumstance.

It’s not their level of education, their English skills, their parent’s jobs, nor where they live, that these young people define themselves by. It’s Ultimate. It’s through Ultimate that many of these players were able to to travel outside of their home city. Tournaments in Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai, Auroville- all financed by professionals in Club Teams, make them a part of a much larger community than they had previously known. Traveling to play against people from all over India - adults, other kids, expats, college students, professionals and corporations alike - make them more respected back in their communities.

“Being a part of the Indian team gives me a sense of honor and pride. Never would I have been able to imagine that at the age of 15, I would be able to represent my country, playing the game that defines me,” Bhavya Trivedi, 15.

These players are training hard and preparing to bring the Spirit of the Game across the world. The Ultimate community, is uniting to support their journey by raising funds and spreading awareness about a sport that transforms lives, communities and this team of 20 youth. Please go to ketto.org/indiaU23.

Say Namaste to the #under23 challenge started by the Indian Under-23 Ultimate Frisbee Team!

The challenge is simple: 
1) Take a video showing us what YOU can do in Under 23 seconds! It can be anything - eating 10 bananas, doing 20 pull-ups, painting a picture, climbing a coconut tree…whatever you want to do, as long as you can do it in #under23!