summer getaways

a glimpse through the lens of a few 20-something intrepid travelers.

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Tyler Pullen



"The Royal Palace of Madrid was an amazing experience. It was my first real taste of Europe and the elegance and detail of every historic site was breathtaking. Being able to work and be immersed entirely in the culture was a truly life changing experience" 


  Montmartre, Paris, France

Montmartre, Paris, France


Luis Rodriguez


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"My experience throughout Paris has been enlightening and amazing. There is so much beauty and history to see; and seeing it once is not enough. Paris has a way of getting to your heart. As I fell in love with the city I realized that I would hold onto the memories the rest of my life. I hope it does the same for you if you shall ever decide to visit the "City of Love."



 London Eye

London Eye


Shelia Batalla


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"There is something special about the chaos of life in a foreign city. The attractions don't have the same novelty to locals because they see it everyday, but to you it's something truly special. It makes you think about the mundane things you see everyday that you should take a second look and truly appreciate them."