We’re not just a store. We’re people. We’re a family. We are a small business. And we like to participate in the community.
— Chris at European Cobblery

Chris loves engaging with the community, and showing off his #Cube

The European Cobblery is an interesting store. In the back, is an older gentleman who clearly prefers the old world way of repairing shoes, leather, belts and pretty much anything else. The front of the store is full of a very nicely curated mix of modern footwear and accessories. And behind the register is Chris, who has found his place publishing the store's social media. 

Chris uses social imagery as a way to reach out and connect with current and future customers, and show that the Cobblery is part of the community, And he loves displaying #Cube right up front next to the register. Customers ask about it, and it starts a conversation, and the customer usually ends up being a new follower. And thus, a new relationship. 

Bravo Chris, keep up the good work! You can connect with the European Cobblery on Facebook, and follow them on @campbellcobbler