We have exciting news to share with you. Today we officially launch #Cube. As we launch our new brand, we want to share with you some of the reasons for the evolution of the Instacube product and brand.

  • While our product and business continue to evolve, our original vision hasn’t changed. We feel that #Cube represents the new language of social media where everything and anything has a hashtag and is highly visual. #Cube is more than just a hardware product, it's about enabling people to connect, engage, enjoy and discover new passions through rich content, whether it's photos, videos or audio.
  • Instagram has changed its policy on branding of third party software with "insta" or "gram" in it, so we want to respect that policy and ensure we don't cause any conflict.
  • We want to be app-agnostic.  We still love Instagram and it was a great starting point, but our software will continue to expand to support other social media apps and services and we want our product name to be independent of any single service. 
  • We have an exciting roadmap of new hardware and software features planned and we want to ensure our brand identity reflects that vision.

In addition to our product rebranding, we are also relaunching the company brand and will now be known as Konnect Labs, Inc.  Why Konnect?  Because #Cube is all about connections - connecting you to people, connecting you to photos and videos, connecting you to devices, and connecting you to things that are fun, entertaining and personal to you.

It is fun to share and it is fun to follow. Connections only grow stronger when there is a sense of playfulness and adventure. #Cube extends those experiences beyond your smart devices and offers up a new way to create just the visual playlist for your mood at the moment. And we are proud to be doing our part to make the sharing more fun.


Larry Tsai